From the beginning of time, women have been cared for and nurtured as they become mothers. Family, friends and neighbors from the community would rally around the new family to help guide them through their tender early weeks and months with a new baby.

Coming home from the hospital with a newborn can be intimidating to many new parents , Many find it helpful to have support at home in order to support both parents catch up on some well deserved rest and help acclimating inthe 4th trimester . Common doula tasks are;
 Assisting with nursing and various feeding techniques


Safe sleep and Bedtime Routines

Newborn care: bath time, umbilical cord care etc.

Some may also find it helpful once friends and families leave after those early weeks.

The postpartum package includes a minimum of a 16 hour booking to be used in the first weeks post delivery. Care is dependent on each families needs and extended hours are available .This also includes overnight postpartum doula support. Overnight support is offered in 8-12 hours increments and a custom schedule can be created for your family.


This pregnancy consultation package is for those who feel they can tackle labor and birth alone but need education a support throughout and after pregnancy.

Free email/phone consultation

Unlimited phone and email support during your pregnancy

1 prenatal visit to discuss labor positions, comfort techniques, review of your birth plan and The Slow Doula Birth Method.

1 postpartum visit to access transition (1-2 hours).


This package includes labor, delivery, and both birth and postpartum preparation.

On-call from 37 weeks onward.

Attendance of your birth.

During labor doula will be by your side at whatever point you feel you need her. Your doula holds a space for you and your family, bringing in massage, energy work, breath work, visualization, movement, labor positions, meditations, aromatherapy, life coaching and intuitive guidance.

Postpartum breastfeeding support immediately postpartum.

1 postpartum visit (3 hours).


This package is more extensive and in addition to the above support includes;

2 prenatal visits. First visit will be to discuss labor positions, comfort techniques, review of your birth plan and The Slow Doula Birth Method. Second visit will cover all aspects of infant feeding, postpartum recovery and transition.

2 postpartum visits (1-2 hours each).

Ultimate doula package

This ULTIMATE package includes all that is offered in the Master Doula package with the addition of much needed postpartum support. Too often women forget about the support that is needed once their baby is born. This package nurtures mothers during the precious 40 day/4th trimester postpartum period.

Healing aromatherapy oils to calm and relax the new momma and help with breastfeeding.

12 hour of postpartum support within the first 2 weeks.