Maria Knox

I whole heartily feel that I could not have achieved my birth goal of an unmedicated, no interventions, gentle home birth without Sarah and Liza by my side. As the night went on and I progressed, my contractions became increasingly intense. I drifted further into my own world where time, space, and conversations turned more abstract, but the moment I needed to be grounded or calmed Sarah and/or Liza was there to breathe along with me, or give me the exact words I needed to hear that would get me through that wave. They helped get me into the right position or place in our apartment that was ideal to ease my baby down. I just feel blessed to have had them during that incredible journey, and I am hugely indebted for the love and encouragement they gave not only me but my husband as well. It was a team effort, and if you are able to book either or both Sarah and Liza consider yourself incredibly lucky.

William Lee

My wife and I were referred to Liza by our midwife, and we could not be more happy with the tremendous help and support she has provided us on labor day, as well as during her post-partum visits now that our baby is here.

Labor day was a little chaotic for us because my wife first stated experiencing contractions at 7:48am, and while they were stronger than all other contratctions she had experienced, they were irregularly spaced and had no particular pattern. After our midwife connected us with Liza (the introduction was literally made while my wife was in the first stage of labor), we corresponded regularly over text throughout the morning and we didn't think anything was going to happen, but all of a sudden my wife exhibited bloody show & went into active labor at around 9:30 - 10:30am, and Liza dropped everything and came over to our home. She was EXTREMELY attentive an helped my wife deal with the labor contractions by guiding her through various labor positions, using a Rebozo in various ways, assisting her with birth ball positions, and finally moving her into the shower.

I firmly beleive that her clear and on-point care & gentle instructions were what got us through that very challenging experience. She came with us to the hospital and worked in tandem with our midwife to give us what is, in my opinion, the best natural delivery we could have possibly wanted, and continued to care for us long after the delivery was over and we are continuing to utilize her post-partum support services. Plus, if Liza wasn't there, my wife would have punched me in the face for sure. Multiple times. Liza kept us calm.

For my wife, Liza provides amazing post-partum support and assitance, and for me she answers my one hundred and one questions an gives me lots of education. Since this is our fist baby, I need as much education as I can get, and Liza is a great teacher to us.

My wife and I highly recommend Liza Maltz

Megan Gilbride

Liza was a rock during my first labor! I experienced a little bit of everything with my labor and I was so relieved to have Liza by my side to help talk me through what was happening and what was coming ahead. Liza has a calming demeanor with a take charge attitude when needed. She was great at helping me position the baby and also to try and relax as I waited for the baby since my contractions slowed down for quite a long time. I enjoyed having her there to talk to as a friend as well as having her expertise. She is fun to talk to and kept me laughing and happy throughout the process. In the end, my labor was taken to cesarian section due to the baby's heart rate dropping. Liza was so helpful to me and my husband as we went through that traumatic change that we were not expecting. She was able to help the baby latch in the operating recovery room and also took beautiful photos of the very first moments of my daughter's life. Liza was great in the days following with tips for nursing, expertise when answering the millions of questions I had, etc. I highly recommend Liza's doula services, she is wonderful.

Susanna Mullard

Sarah is worth her weight in gold. At first we weren't convinced that we wanted a birth doula, but once we met Sarah and felt so comfortable in her company, we changed our minds. And we're grateful that we did - she was a wonderful addition to our birth team.

My labour was long - over 30 hours - and Sarah was with us from the beginning, helping me through the contractions and subbing in for my husband while he got some much needed sleep. She was incredibly calming and encouraging, and also knew when to step in to explain things when we needed her to, and to help us to make decisions when the time came.

The pre and post natal appointments were also really helpful. Sarah has a huge depth of knowledge, not only from her doula work, but also from giving birth to her three children.

You would be in great hands with Sarah - she truly is a gem.